Outdoor Lighting

Oasis’s landscape lighting installation and design creates premier exterior lighting with low voltage lighting that uses a fraction of a traditional bulb’s energy. With decades of experience, Oasis can illuminate any commercial or residential area and increase your property’s value and security. Our landscape lighting designs brighten up focal points, draw attention to the best areas of your landscape, and contrast against areas you don’t want highlighted. We’ll get you the look you’ve always wanted without the costly electricity bill.

Our Services

  • Landscape Lighting Design
    When you’ve spent countless hours and funds on a beautiful landscape, you want to be sure everyone sees the best your landscape has to offer. Before you invest in landscape lighting, you’ll need to create the perfect design to brighten up individual areas of your home and yard. With Oasis, our lighting lighting installation and design experts will listen to your goals and constraints. Then, we’ll begin to study your landscape to create the exact design you are looking for.
  • Landscape Lighting Installation
    Our landscape lighting installation team provides unrivaled attention to detail. Each feature is properly tested and ready to go to ensure our customers get the best service imaginable. We’ll install high-quality lighting that uses the least amount of electricity possible.
  • Outdoor Lighting Repair
    Landscape lighting endures the boiling Savannah heat, hurricanes, and rainstorms, yet can sometimes break or need repairing. Oasis Lighting can repair, replace, and maintain your current outdoor lighting system. Our experts can offer ways to improve your coverage, design, or check your transformer voltage to make sure you’re getting the best out of your system.

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