Commercial Irrigation

When your business uses funding to create a beautiful and green landscape design to welcome customers, you want assurance that your commercial irrigation system will properly maintain the plant life. As the premier choice for commercial sprinkler systems in the Savannah area, Oasis Irrigation’s experienced design and installation team will implement an irrigation system that will properly maintain your landscape. We use top sprinkler brands to create the Oasis Irrigation difference.

commercial irrigation

Our Services

  • Commercial Irrigation Design
    First, we’ll start by designing a system that will consider the size of your property, plant needs, and soil type. Each aspect of the design process carefully considers the appropriate means to keep your plants healthy and green for guests to see as they arrive at your facilities. When designing your commercial irrigation system, we consider some of the following factors:

    • Plant Type
    • Prime Watering Times
    • Amount of Coverage Needed/Space
    • Shade
    • Soil Type/Condition
    Oasis’s irrigation team has decades of experience, making us experts in local horticulture, system design, and installation. We know the best ways to approach any system in the Savannah area. Our designs will help maintain the life of your greenlife in your fields, complexes, and facilities. We’ll create a watering schedule that understands your peak business hours and city ordinances.
  • Commercial Irrigation Installation
    For commercial installations, an installation job can range anywhere from 2-4 business days depending on size. When installing these systems, we strive to go above the call of duty. Our technicians want you to be completely comfortable with how your system works, so we’ll answer any questions you may have. Our commercial sprinkler design and installation package understands the unique needs your business has.

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